Monday, June 30, 2008

Learning to Fall

The other week Charlie and I converted his sister's Dora bike into a man's bike...John Deere!  I must admit I'm pretty impressed with the paint job and how a few stickers off an old toy can be given new life.  

Well, Charlie was anxious to ride so he jumped on the next day and took off down the sidewalk.  I was impressed to see him riding up and down as if he had done it for years...until...he hit the edge of the grass and fell over.  I got him to get back on pretty easily, but he continued to fall a few times and became more hesitant.  Then I realized something...I taught him to get on and ride, but never took the time to teach him to fall.

In life, we need to learn how to fall.  It's often when we fall that we are able to get back up and soar to new heights.  I take this opportunity with my children to tell them how we're going to fall a lot in life and it's important that we know how to get back up and try again.  

Finally, after holding the bike in the grass and tipping him over till he learned to put his foot down and catch himself as he was falling, whenever Charlie falls now he calls out with a big smile "Papa, I put my foot out!"  Now he knows how to fall.  

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

How could I not post about Father's Day on my Papa Blog?  I'd like to say that it was a special day, and it was; however, every day is like Father's Day for me at my household.  My beautiful wife always takes care of me and sacrifices so much for our family.  The kids always greet me with singing a song called "Papa's Are Special".  

Father's Day is something that I'm only able to celebrate because of the ones that have made it all possible.  Thank you Rebecca, Libby, Charlie, and AJ for giving me the honor of being called a Papa. 

Happy Father's Day to you all and to my fathers in Heaven, my dad and my Lord Jesus.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

American Idol's Jason Castro Has NOTHING On Us!

So by now, you've probably all seen and heard Jason Castro play the Ukulele on American Idol.  Not too shabby, but wait a few years till Libby is the winner of American Idol Season 27 and she thanks all the little people (ie. ME) for their support.  Last week we finished up a brief month of Ukulele lessons downtown Noblesville at 
The Wild.  It was great papa/daughter date time together.  We even got to keep the Ukes!  Supposedly we learned how to play a few songs?  My goal this year is to learn a Jack Johnson song from beginning to end.  It's gonna be awhile. =)

The Next Jackson 5!
Look out Donny & Marie!

So, I slam it down like this...right?