Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Asa is 1!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIDDY!!! Look at my last two posts below and you'll see what life is like with four kids. You may be wondering why there have only been two posts this past year. There would have been more if it wasn't for the human vacuum cleaner crawling all over the place putting EVERYTHING and ANYTHING in his mouth! I mean... Seriously?... Do you really want to brush your mouth with the toilet brush?!!! Yuck! What could possibly seem appealing about that?!!!

With his siblings jumping over him, tackling him, dragging him all over the place, Asa has learned to hold his own pretty impressively! Being that he is our fourth, and FINAL, child, we're trying to keep him our baby (or as my wife calls him - Biddy) as long as possible. The other three were walking between 9-10 months. We're not officially knocking him over (like in Life As We Know It where Josh Duhamel pushes the baby when taking its first steps), but Asa is CONSTANTLY being held (not by our choice either though). You should see the guns on my wife from holding him so much!

Well, we're having his birthday party this weekend, so I'll post some pictures afterwards. Assuming he doesn't eat my cameras! Happy Birthday my Asa "Mad Dawg" Maddox!